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Welcome to Bikefinder™ Foundation

BikeFinder™ Foundation helps first responders provide critical medical information about bicycle accident victims to EMS and law enforcement agencies. BikeFinder™ Foundation registration also helps identify bicycles in case of loss or theft.

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decal If you see a bicycle accident or find a lost bicycle, look for the exclusive BikeFinder™ Identification Decal on the bike. Use your electronic device to access www.bikefinder.com and enter the BikeFinder™ Number. (See the Decal Placement Guide so you'll know where to look.) Then you'll get information about the bike's owner or rider that you can share with emergency responders, or that will allow you to contact the bike-rider's parents.

BikeFinder™ Number:

Even if you can't find a BikeFinder™ Identification Decal on the bike, it may still be registered with BikeFinder™. Enter the Factory Serial Number that is engraved on the bike to find out if the bike owner is registered.

Factory Serial Number:

A match in the BikeFinder™ database will show you the emergency or personal information that the bicycle owner wishes to have displayed.

For a demonstration of the BikeFinder™ search, enter the demo number 101001 into either the BikeFinder™ or Factory Serial Number box above. Then click on the corresponding SEARCH button to see how easy it is to use BikeFinder™.

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Two BikeFinder Helmet Stickers are included with your BikeFinder Decal registration. They're great to attach to your bike baskets or handlebars!
helmet stickers