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Ten reasons to register your family's bicycles with BikeFinder™ Foundation

Bikefinder Decal BikeFinder™ Foundation helps first responders provide critical medical information about bicycle accident victims to EMS and law enforcement agencies. BikeFinder™ Foundation registration also helps identify bicycles in case of loss or theft.

  1. Over THREE MILLION bicycles lost or stolen each year in the United States alone are unable to be returned to their rightful owners due to lack of identifcation! By registering with BikeFinder™, you greatly increase your chances of getting your bike back.

  2. Children rarely carry personal identification, especially when they're riding their bikes. If your child is involved in an accident, BikeFinder™ registration can help EMS or law enforcement personnel contact a parent, guardian, or teacher.

  3. Even adults often go bike riding without taking their ID. What if you or a family member were in a serious accident? BikeFinder™ registration will help EMS provide proper care and contact your loved ones.

  4. Protect your investment in your bicycle! The Police will see your BikeFinder™ registration on a recovered stolen bike and contact you to return your property.

  5. Any individual who finds your lost or stolen bike can find the information you've posted on the Bikefinder™ database and contact you immediately.

  6. Bikefinder™ registration will help you determine whether a recovered bike is yours.

    Bikefinder Decal
  7. The BikeFinder™ Identification Decal shows emergency and law enforcement personnel that your bicycle is registered with the BikeFinder™ Foundation and that emergency data and recovery information is immediately accessible online.

  8. If you discover a bicycle accident victim and see the exclusive BikeFinder™ Decal (see Decal placement guide,) you can locate the victim's family by entering the Decal Number on BikeFinder.com.

  9. If a bike is registered with BikeFinder™ but the Decal is lost or can't be read, you can access information by entering the factory pressed bicycle Serial Number on the BikeFinder.com.

  10. A match with either the bicycle factory serial number or the BikeFinder™ Identification Decal will show the emergency or personal information that's in the BikeFinder™ database.

Registration Information

BikeFinder™ Foundation Registration costs $10.00 and is valid for three years. A BikeFinder™ Identification Decal with your ID number printed on it will be mailed to you after you purchase the Decal from our secure Paypal page.

Bikefinder Decal The BikeFinder™ Identification Decal informs emergency and law enforcement personnel that your bike is registered with the BikeFinder™ Foundation and that emergency data and recovery information is in a database that is accessible on the internet.

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