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Bikefinder Foundation™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BikeFinder™ Foundation?

BikeFinder™ Foundation provides a database that provides critical medical information about bicycle accident victims to EMS and law enforcement agencies, and helps identify bicycles in case of loss or theft.

Bikefinder™ Decal

How does BikeFinder™ work?

You place an order on our secure Paypal page and we will mail you a BikeFinder™ Identification Decal with a unique number. You register your number in our database, entering contact information and medical information (like allergies) that you'd want a first responder to know in case of emergency. Then you place the Decal on your bike. If there is an accident or the bike is lost or stolen, anyone stopping to help can access your information by going to Bikefinder.com and entering the BikeFinder™ number.

What does the BikeFinder™ Identification Decal do?

The BikeFinder™ Identification Decal shows that you have posted emergency information about the rider and/or the bicycle on the BikeFinder™ website.

What does it cost to register my bike with the BikeFinder™ Foundation?

A BikeFinder™ Decal costs $10.00. Registration is valid for three years and will expire automatically if not renewed. A renewal reminder will be emailed to you. Get your Decal now!

How do I get my BikeFinder™ Identification Decal

An Identification Decal with your unique number will be mailed to you after you purchase it on our secure Paypal page. After you receive the Decal, you go online to enter your number and information in our database.

Do I choose which information is displayed to the public?

Absolutely! Only you decide the information to be displayed to the public.

How can BikeFinder™ help me?

If you register your bike with BikeFinder™ and it's lost or stolen, whoever finds it will see the Bikefinder Decal and be able to look on our website and find out how to contact you. If you are injured while riding your bike, a responder will be able to access your emergency contacts or other emergency information.

What if someone scratches off the Decal from my bike? Can my information still be located?

You are still protected! Anyone can find out if the bike is registered with BikeFinder™ by entering the engraved Factory Serial Number on the BikeFinder™ homepage.

How does this help bicycle accident victims?

Most children and many adults don't carry identification when riding their bikes. If a bike rider is injured or incapacitated and has no ID, an Emergency Medical Technician, law enforcement personnel, or anyone else who wished to assist, could immediately determine the owner of the bike, next-of-kin information, and important medical information about the rider simply by accessing the database on BikeFinder.com.

Can I try a demonstration to see how BikeFinder™ works before registering?

Yes! Go to the BikeFinder™ Home Page and enter the demonstration number 101001 in either the BIKEFINDER™ NUMBER box or the FACTORY SERIAL NUMBER box. Then click on the SEARCH button. The results will show a bike belonging to "David Demo".

Can I change my information on BikeFinder™ if, for example, I move or go out of town temporarily and wish to leave a different telephone number?

Yes, just click on the Update link on each page of the website.

Is there a charge or a limit to how many times I may update my information?

There is no charge to update your information and you may update your information as often as needed.

How can I put an advertising banner on the the BikeFinder™ Foundation website?

Email us at Admin@BikeFinder.com to request more information.

May I put a link on my webpage to the BikeFinder™ Foundation site?

Yes. Email us a request at Admin@BikeFinder.com and we will send you the BikeFinder™ Foundation Logo.

Where is your office located?

See our address and contact information

What's the best way to contact you?

Email admin@bikefinder.com for fastest service, or call (787) 422-2708.