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Register as many bikes as you want for $10 per decal.

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Wholesale Orders - Decals and Supplies

Wholesale cost is $60 per box of 12 Decals ($5.00/decal) - FREE Shipping Worldwide
Retail cost in stores & on - $10/decal

Box contains 12 display bags on a preloaded clip strip and 12 information tags for handlebar display.
Each bag contains one uniquely numbered Decal, instruction booklet and 2 FREE helmet stickers.
See Product Information Sheet.

Display Bag with Header Card - 4" x 7" Display Bag Decal - 2.25" x 3" Decal

Helmet Sticker - 2" x 2" helmet sticker

$60.00 per Box of 12 Decals

Order Boxes

Free Shipping Worldwide!

Customize with your Logo when you place a 100-dozen decal order!
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Information Tags for handlebar/display

$10 per pack of 50

Tag size: 4" x 5 1/2"

hangtag display

$10.00 per pack of 50 information/display handlebar tags

Order Packs

FREE Shipping Worldwide!

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