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Decal Placement & Factory Serial Number Location

Decal Placement

The WHITE ARROWS (with the red dot) show the correct placement location for your exclusive BikeFinder™ Decal and the probable location of the BikeFinder™ Decal on a found or recovered bicycle.
The BLACK ARROWS (with the blue dot) show the probable location of the Factory Serial Number.

If you find a bike and think the bike may be registered with BikeFinder™ but the BikeFinder™ Decal has been scratched off or removed, enter the bicycle's Factory Serial Number in the proper box on the Bikefinder Home Page (bikefinder.com) to see if you have a match.

Note: Look for the Factory Serial Number:
Note: If your bike does not have a Factory Serial Number, use the first FOUR LETTERS in your LAST NAME and the LAST FOUR digits of your telephone number and have this number engraved on the sprocket hub frame of your bike. (See black arrow above for location.)

For example, Michael Smith, telephone number is 555-1234, would enter SMIT1234 as his Factory Serial Number.