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The BikeFinder story

In 2017, bicycle theft has become an acknowledged community problem for both city bikes, road bikes and electrical bikes. A few years ago, after a big bike-theft during a world cup race, Ole Martin asked himself how this problem could be solved. Could technology assist owners from getting their bikes stolen, or in case of theft increase the chances of the owner reuniting with the bike.

A GPS and GSM integrated tracking device for any kind of bike, he realized, would be the ultimate tool.

So, in 2014 the BikeFinder team set out to create an integrated tracking device for any type of bike, that would offer real time tracking by GSM and GPS with superior battery life. Designed for tracking, retrieval and keeping your bike safe, and to be an elegant tool for thinking in the digital age, for those who love the inspiration and clarity they get when riding the bicycle.

In 2017, BikeFinder was one of two winners in Petter Stordalen’s Strawberry million, further confirming that the path we are on is the correct one, as over 2000 different start-ups applied for the competition.

Now, BikeFinder has a diverse team of 5 employees along with some of the finest investors Norway has to offer, and together we strive to create the ultimate tracking device for YOUR bike.

Team Bikefinder

Ole Martin Ølmheim

Board member / Founder / CEO

BBA from University of Stavanger. Former professional cyclist and founder of BikeFinder.

Email: Omo@bikefinder.no Phone: +47 406 39 197

Viggo Henriksen

System Developer

B.Eng - Industrial instrumentation from HIST/NTNU

Email: Viggo@bikefinder.no

Jan Erik Sola Foss

App and Cloud Developer

Programming and Network from University of Oslo

Email: Janerik@bikefinder.no Phone:

Snorre Dishington

Marketing Manager

B.Sc. Marketing and management from BI, Norwegian Business School

Email: Sd@bikefinder.no Phone: +47 478 61 593

Youhua Fu

System Developer

Master's degree. Industrial Engineering, Narvik University College (HiN)

Email: Yf@bikefinder.no

Board Members

Leif Andre Skare

Chairman of Board

M.Sc Mechanical engineering. 15 years experience in the PE industries.

Asbjørn Vagle

Board member

MBA Universität Mannheim. Former experience from Skagen Fondene.

Håkon Fatnes

Board member

M.Sc Petroil engineering. Former experience from oil-service.


Magnus Jepson

Co-Founder WooCommerce. Investor at Sprettert.

Christian Rokseth

Founder Pixavi. Investor at Sprettert

Roy Andre Tollefsen

Founder TrollWeb. Investor at Troll Ventures.

Petter Stordalen

Owner Strawberry & Nordic Choice Hotels.